Combine multi-site engineering data with the related manufacturing data.


DS-2 Electrical and Electronic Library and Data Management

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Engineering data management (EDM) suite for local and global/enterprise design data management

Zuken’s EDM product suite easily extends a site-level design environment to an enterprise-level design solution with extensive data management capabilities.

  • CAD Library Synchronization: EDM enables all design sites to utilize a common, central CAD library that is continuously synchronized globally. The software includes a secure, integrated workflow for CAD library development, verification, and distribution. As part of the library support, EDM enables users to lock and version control “golden subcircuits” that can be shared across your organization.
  • Design Data Management: EDM provides a work-in-process design data management environment that allows you to manage and share design work locally and globally. Revision control and configurable workflows are included with the software. Among other advantages, EDM manages the relations between schematic, printed circuit board, and BOM ensuring correct configuration control during the design cycle.
  • Component Management and Selection: EDM centrally manages component engineering data and provides access to design engineers worldwide. EDM will “suggest” the most appropriate component to a design engineer for a given application based on corporate defined criteria such as price, availability, number of suppliers, and reliability. This capability has the potential to improve quality and reduce component inventory. EDM alerts the engineer to obsolescence information directly in the design tool.
  • PCB Assembly-level BOM Generation: EDM automatically generates Bill of Material information for the PCB assembly based on the CAD data and can pass the information to a corporate PLM system. This tool is used during the design cycle and alerts the design engineer to potential issues such as environmental problems or cost overruns during the design process, which offers advantages over checking at the end of the design process.
  • Third Party Integration: Many companies utilize a ERP / MRP / PDM / PLM system for full product life cycle management. Zuken’s EDM system is easily integrated into these systems providing a bridge from your design process to the supply chain.
DS-2 Electrical and Electronic Library and Data Management

DS-2 is different from other data management solutions

Work globally. Distributed design teams

Design teams with resources distributed around the globe are a fact of life for many corporations today. Design engineers on one continent, PCB layout on another, fabrication outsourced to multiple vendors. The ability to work a project 24/7 around the globe may well be critical to its success.

Zuken’s Engineering Data Management (EDM) solutions host a virtual design center enabling distributed design teams to work closely together. From design collaboration to CAD library synchronization, intelligent part search and selection, and real-time BOM update and release, EDM provides the backbone for your global design team.

Modular / platform-based designs

Today’s successful engineering organizations employ “Modular / Platform-based design”. Everyone talks about it, Zuken delivers it. Libraries of secure, approved, version-controlled subcircuits and modules are available for design engineers to search, select, and reuse. These modular libraries are access controlled to insure integrity. Tracked use history is available from both the source and destination ends of these modules. EDM’s tight integration with the native design data is the key to true “Modular / Platform-based design."

Secure control: IP Protection

With Zuken EDM, there is one set of master engineering data: securely vaulted with configurable access control. Related design elements such as library, schematic, PCB, and BOM are synchronized to ensure correct configuration control. With Zuken EDM you don’t have errant copies floating around or unprotected data sitting on individual hard drives.

EDM manages who can access, edit, and view each design element, and IP is protected right down to the attribute. Those with a “need to know” can have full access rights, while manufacturing sites or 3rd party vendors may receive limited access – only what is needed to complete the task. Your IP is a cornerstone of your business and care should be taken to fully protect it.

Most functions out of the box
Ease of deployment

Forget multi-year IT nightmares, armies of consultants, and partially-working solutions. Zuken EDM is a rich set of tools with proven, well honed “out of the box” functionality and configuration tools customers can manage themselves. EDM can typically be deployed in a few months with minimal services. Most Zuken customers find standard EDM functionality more than sufficient to manage their work-in-process engineering environment with little or no customization.

Tightly integrated with design tools

EDM was developed by the same Zuken in-house team that brings you CR-5000 and CR-8000 design suites. This allows EDM to offer extremely tight integration with the actual Design Tools – providing much smoother, tighter control than with a 3rd party data management system. This deep integration truly allows your distributed design team to work as a single, cohesive unit.Data Management

What's new in EDM

EDM Now Supporting E3.series

DS-2 has long provided a secure, global work environment for PCB tools. Now you can get the same benefits for electrical and wire harness design. Article Management, Design Data Management, BOM Management, and Library Management are now available for E3.series.

EDM Now Supporting System Planner

Integrate your design planning environment with your design engineering environment. Manage Block Diagrams, Floorplans, Digital Mock-ups, and Cost Estimates within your secure EDM environment. Share design plans among multiple departments and sites.

Higher performance for remote sites

EDM streamlines dataflow across your network for the most efficient use of your bandwidth. Your distributed team can now work together almost as if in the same office.

Enhanced Modular Design Functions

Create reusable modules and "golden" subcircuits and make them available to design engineers as building blocks to better, more consistent designs. Revisions and access rights are fully controlled. Where / used functionality searches and locates every design in which a module has been used, making top-down design changes a snap.


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    Engineering Data Management

    DS-2: Multi-site Library and Design Data Management

    Zuken’s engineering data management solutions combine multi-site electronics and electrical engineering data with related manufacturing data into a unified engineering environment, accessing a single source data pool. Our data management environments have been created for the specific demands of electronic and electrical product design and manufacturing. It supports site-specific components, BOM handling and design data in one global environment. With Zuken’s data management solutions, you can integrate into corporate PLM environments, uniting the design processes with the entire engineering product lifecycle.

    MicrosoftZuken’s DS-2 data management software offered everything we needed. As the Surface™ portfolio of products grew, data management for electrical design became an increasingly critical element of our process, and we were excited about the opportunity DS-2 provides to better integrate supply chain optimization directly into design decisions right at the engineer’s desktop. We are in the second phase of deployment managing our component library, and so far we are very pleased with the results.

    Erik von Fuchs
    Director of Engineering, Surface Products, Microsoft Corporation

    Component Management 

    Component Management

    Centrally manage component engineering data and provide access to design engineers worldwide.

      BOM Management

    BOM Management

    Automatically generate bill of material information for the PCB assembly based on the CAD data and can pass the information to a corporate PLM system.

    Library Management

    Library Management

    Enable all design sites to utilize a common, central CAD library that is continuously synchronized globally.

      Design Data Management

    Data Management

    Manage and share design work locally and globally through work-in-progress data management

    PLM Integration

    PLM Integration

    Easily integrate Zuken’s EDM system into third party PLM and ERP environments providing a bridge from your design process to the supply chain.

      Analysis and Verification

    Analysis and Verification

    Track engineering changes and assess what kind of secondary data is impacted.  

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