Zuken Global Support Website (ZGS)

One, Unified Global Support Website

To access the Zuken Support website, please select the link below and login using your username and password issued by Zuken - this is separate to your 'Zuken.com User Account'.

Zuken Global Support


On-line Interactive Customer Support Website

Our Global Support website (ZGS) is aimed at providing an enhanced service to you, our customers. ZGS creates one unified global support site. This site is supported by a global R&D infrastructure to ensure your issues are resolved swiftly and to the best ability of Zuken as a global organization.

ZGS features include:*

  • Logical interface with improved usability and context-driven content
  • Enhanced call logging and management with ‘real-time’ management
  • Software downloads area
  • Knowledge base and detailed product information, detailing descriptions and features
  • Product update alerts for new software releases
  • OnLine Libraries
  • Forums
  • System Requirements definition
  • Worldwide SSL encryption

* NOTE, some features are not currently available across all products – contact your Zuken Account Manager for more information.

While our web-based systems are very strong methods for customers to make contact with us, we haven't lost sight of the human factor. We understand that designs are becoming more complex, and with that, so are customer support issues. Sometimes the only way to fully understand a customer's overall needs is with verbal and face-to-face communication. With Zuken, that's what you'll get.