Software Maintenance

Why is a Maintenance package so important?

Design times are critical, you have targets to meet, you cannot afford to spend time investigating a possible solution. With Zuken's comprehensive maintenance program you have 24-hour on-line support, along with expert support from your local help desk and the latest Zuken software updates.

Our Maintenance Program Sets the Standard for EDA Products and Services

As one of the world's leading suppliers of Electronic Product Design Automation software systems, we understand that our customers need to gain the maximum advantage from their investments in design solutions. They demand it. That's why Zuken continues to pioneer new standards for EDA customer service.

Zuken is committed to productivity improvements through:

  • regular product updates
  • comprehensive help-desk technical assistance
  • interactive information exchange
  • a range of value-added services

Customer Care Charter

Our service mission is not only to satisfy the needs of our customers but to consistently exceed those needs.

Our customer service teams deliver the facts — a refreshing change in today's world. We guarantee to keep customers informed about:

  • new products and their benefits
  • product updates and new features
  • help desk calls
  • defects, throughout their life cycle

Fast Response Times

Zuken's advanced quality assurance program tracks and measures:

  • telephone response rates
  • hotline closure time
  • defect fix rates

This results in continuous improvement of our services. In fact, 95% of all help desk calls are responded to within 2 hours by an experienced technical applications engineer.

Dedicated Technical Expertise

Zuken has a wealth of experienced application specialists and engineers who are available to:

  • investigate customers help-desk calls
  • answer product or technical questions
  • help resolve design issues

On-line Interactive Customer Support Websites

Our Technical Support website is provided 'free of charge' to all customers under our maintenance agreement and are available 24-hours a day.