Enhanced Collaborative Solution for Design Reviews

Board Viewer Advance

CR-8000 Board Viewer AdvanceBoard Viewer Advance helps design teams share and review native design information to enhance communication during product development.

Features include:

  • Importing design and manufacturing rule check results
  • Support for graphical comparison of two designs
  • Support for cross-probing with Design Gateway, Circuit DR Navi and other CR-8000 products
  • Flexible and configurable layer and net display control
  • Reports on placement status and trace length
  • Design feedback reflected automatically in layout
  • Multiple user design and review access
  • Support for CR-5000 products
  • All features available in the free Board Viewer.

Benefits during PCB design development:

  • CR-8000 Board Viewer AdvancePowerful features, such as comparing designs and access to design check results, reduce product development time and ensure design quality.
  • Support for cross-probing to other design tools improves design collaboration and allows effective design reviews at any time during the design process.
  • Avoid costly design iterations by providing feedback intelligently from design reviews.
  • Multiple users can concurrently review the same design file, reducing manual file exchange and improving product delivery schedules.
  • Support for native design data eliminates errors caused by design translations.