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Meet the Zuken experts on stand N°34

Optimization of wiring systems based on JT and PLMXML exports
Tuesday 08th of October 2019, 10am
Reinhold Blank, Business Director Automotive & Transportation


The development of vehicle electrical systems is a complex process in which diverse electrical and topological boundary conditions have to be considered and applied.. Siemens NX® offers extensive functionality for transferring electrical connectivity information into the 3D mechanical model and creating 2D formboards as output. At certain stages of the development process, however, ‘what if’ scenarios will emerge with questions such as ‘what will be weight and cost impact of moving a component to a different position?

This is precisely the use case for the new WiringSystemLab solution: this complementary tool can seamlessly import existing NX designs into a specific, 3D-based ‘laboratory environment’ using the PLMXML and JT standard interfaces. With this tool, the engineer can easily make changes such as trying out different positions of components or splices, change the partitioning of wire harnesses and add/remove packages. All operations can be performed directly in the NX®-based 3D model, while the relevant results such as weight or costs are available instantly. Based on these highly efficient what-if studies, alternative approaches to optimizing the wiring system can be evaluated on a digital model and the required changes for achieving the ‘best alternative’ can be fed back into the NX® toolchain.


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