Zertifiziertes Projektmanagement

Certified Professionals

TEST – Zuken has a continuous project management training program for its employees. More than 80% of our engineers and managers who have customer contact have received training based on International Project Management Association (IPMA) methodology. Our managers have IPMA Certified Project Management Associate status. We also train to Project Management Institute (PMI) standards for Americas-based projects.


We are a science based company, where electronics plays a supporting role to the physical domain. One of our customer’s requirements is to reduce Cost per Bench Space so the footprint of the finished product is critical, meaning we have to fit the boards in any available space.

Duncan Stephenson, Head of Electronics Design, Malvern Panalytical

When considering what technology would be needed to complete this project, other leading PCB design tools were evaluated but CADSTAR was chosen as the best tool for the job. CADSTAR also had the ability to migrate all their legacy data from Visula saving valuable time and preserving sensitive data.

Paul CarrLeading Draughtsman, BAE Systems

Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit CADSTAR. Es vermittelt ein Gefühl von Präzision, das für die relativ niedrigen Kosten sehr beeindruckend ist. Auch mit Zuken als Unternehmen sind wir sehr zufrieden. Es gibt uns die Zuversicht, immer mehr von CADSTAR für zukünftige Projekte zu verlangen.

Giovanni ValettiSenior Engineer, Olivetti

CADSTAR is great value-for-money. Its effective yet flexible design rule checks have shortened our time to market for product launches. We found it easy to switch to CADSTAR from our existing CAD system.

Giovanni ValettiSenior Engineer, Olivetti

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