Vitech Improves MBSE Performance and Usability in GENESYS 2022

Vitech continues innovation with its latest release of GENESYS

BLACKSBURG, VA, USA, August 30, 2022 – Zuken Vitech Inc., a leader in model-based systems engineering for over 30 years, is pleased to announce the release of GENESYS 2022, the latest version of Vitech’s flagship systems engineering software platform. Designed to help organizations tackle the growing complexity of today’s products and systems, GENESYS 2022 delivers new capabilities and improvements around usability, diagram functionality, standards conformance, and overall application performance.

“We are excited about this latest release of GENESYS,” says Vitech CEO, Enrique Krajmalnik. “While systems engineering evolves around the world, clients have found GENESYS unique in its ability to ensure complete, coherent, and consistent architectures.”

“The upgrades and features in the GENESYS 2022 release significantly improve the overall user experience. GENESYS 2022 will immediately increase productivity for both new and experienced users, allowing engineers to focus on their task of engaging with stakeholders and designing better systems,” explains Daniel Spencer, Founder and Principal Consultant at Spencer Tech.

Some of the new capabilities cited by Spencer include improvements to the layout and line routing engine as well as dynamic legends that improve diagram comprehension and readability through clear, visual cues. Other enhancements in GENESYS include the addition of project statistics, C# scripting support, improved project and diagram load times, and streamlined schema and query processing.

For more information about GENESYS 2022, please visit the Vitech website: