wire harness drawing - e3 formboard


E3.formboard – Preparation of documentation for manufacturing

Zuken’s E3.series is used for documenting and detailing electrical and fluid designs. Its flexibility supports the entire process from definition and design, through manufacturing and maintenance. Its unique object-oriented architecture ensures that all stages are fully synchronized.

E3.formboard is fully integrated with E3.cable. Together they provide a complete solution for designing cable harnesses for manufacture. Harness drawings may be scaled to any size and multiple harnesses can exist in the same project. Automatic functionality simplifies the placement, arrangement and dimensioning of the segments.

Special functionalities in E3.formboard

  • Any-scale harness creation
  • Bundle segment diameters
  • Wire lengths
  • Wire segregation
  • Connection tables
  • Table-driven connections
  • Branch rotation
  • Clips, convolute, heat-shrink
  • Optimized print functions
  • Dynamic links to E3.cable

Download Datasheet

e3 formboard - manufacturing documentation creation