Our History

The Steady Accumulation of Value Offered

Since its establishment in 1976, Zuken has been a world-leading Electronic Design Automation (EDA) company providing software solutions that maximize the efficiency of the design and manufacturing processes for many of the largest electronics companies around the world. Today, Zuken’s product offerings include PCB design, Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), wire harness and cable design, and engineering data management solutions.

Innovation is a way of life at Zuken. The company has more than 375 software specialists at its development centers in Japan, Europe and the U.S. As a result, customers benefit from the work of the largest PCB- and wiring-focused R&D teams of their kind. This driving force of innovation keeps Zuken at the forefront of technological advancement.

Challenge 1

Opening the floodgates with Japan's first CAD/CAM

Zuken was founded in 1976. Our business of providing "software as a solution package," a common practice today, all started here.  

Create 2000
Create 2000 at its launch in 1978.

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Japanʼs first CAD/CAM system for PCB design, CR-2000 (termed 〝Create 2000〞 when first released), was introduced in domestic companies such as audio equipment manufacturers, then the shining stars of the countryʼs electronics industry.This in turn brought about a drastic change in the electronics design process in various industries.



Group Overview

  December 1976
Zukei Shori Gijutsu Kenkyusho Inc. was established inIsogo-ku, Yokohama.

June 1978
Japan's first full-scale CAD/CAM system Create 2000, for the design of printed circuit boards, was developed.

November 1983
Zuken America Inc. (now Zuken USA Inc.) was established in California in the U.S.

January 1988
CR-3000 (PWS), a printed circuit board CAE/CAD/CAM network workstation was developed

October 1991
Registered in the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange as the first EDA corporation.

January 1992
Zuken Europe GmbH (now Zuken E3 GmbH) established in Germany.

August 1992
Zuken Singapore Pte. Ltd. established in Singapore.

August 1993
Opening of Beijing office in China. 

April 1994
EDA vertical integration solution CR-5000 was developed.

June 1994
Zuken acquired all the shares of Racal-Redac Ltd. of the United Kingdom.

September 1994
Moved up to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

March 2000
Started providing a wire harness design environment for the automotive industry.

August 2002
Zuken (Shanghai) Technical Center Co., Ltd. was established in China.

February 2004
Announcement of ePLM DS-2, a PLM solution specially designed for electrical and electronics industries.

August 2005
Zuken Taiwan Inc. established in Taiwan. 

May 2006
Zuken acquired Germany's CIM-Team (Now Zuken GmbH).

May 2010
Zuken acquired a 14% share in Lattice Technology Co., Ltd., becoming the second biggest shareholder.

June 2011
Worldwide release of CR-8000, a new generation electronic device design platform, and the start of the sales of the new product Design Force completed Zuken's system-level electronics design environment.

September 2013
Zuken SOZO Center established in Silicon Valley, California, USA. 

August 2014
Global Automotive and Transportation Competence Center was established in Erlangen, Germany. 

February 2015

DiverSync Corporation established.

March 2015
Zuken India Pte. Ltd. established in India.

July 2015

Zuken took over YDC Corporation's CADVANCE business (CAD and PLM operations)


Challenge 2

Creating an unshakeable foundation

CR-2000 played a key role at major manufacturers for some 10 years, and this Zuken business solution became the cornerstone that supported the development of the electronics industry.

CR-8000 announcement
Announcement of CR-8000 at
Zuken Innovation World 2011

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Thereafter, Zuken further refined this solution, releasing CR-3000 in 1988 and CR-5000 in 1994. Zukenʼs software, providing behind-the-scenes support for the development of the compact, high-performance,high-quality Japanese products that swept the globe, went on to be adopted by one overseas manufacturer after another. Zukenʼs latest system, CR-8000 released in 2011, can be said to be the culmination of the CR series, which has long served the worldʼs needs for cutting-edge electronics design.


Challenge 3

Creating research and development facilities around the world

The history of Zukenʼs expansion outside Japan dates back to 1983. Starting with the establishment of Zuken America Inc. (now Zuken USA Inc.) in Americaʼs Silicon Valley, Zuken went on to open offices in Germany, South Korea, Singapore, and China.

SOZO Center ceremony
Zuken SOZO Center opening
ceremony in 2013

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In addition, through mergers and acquisitions, Zuken obtained automatic routing technology from Britainʼs Racal-Redac,simulation technology from Germanyʼs INCASES, and harness design technology from Germanyʼs CIM-TEAM,establishing a world-class technological foundation.Aiming to further strengthen our business footing going forward, we established the Zuken SOZO Center in the U.S. in 2013, and our Global Automotive and Transportation Competence Center in Germany in 2014 to serve as research and development arms.




Challenge 4

Steady expansion of business solutions

With continuous investment, Zukenʼs product portfolio has expanded from electronics design to a variety of other fields.  

Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo

The Design Engineering & Manufacturing
Expo 2015 (Tokyo)

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As the miniaturization of electronics increases, it becomes evermore important for multidiscipline collaboration. Harnessing our expertise in the domain of electronics, Zuken now also actively develops solutions for electrical and mechanical co-design. In addition, to help our customers develop innovative IT environments, we find we need to optimize systemswithin both design and manufacturing. In order toexpand our business domains in response to these challenges, Zuken continues to enhance and develop its own proprietary technologies, while at the same time actively promoting collaborations with external companies who have outstanding technology.



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