About Zuken

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Multi-sector expertise

Zuken provides market-leading software and services. Our technology strengths are based on our experience working with leading manufacturing companies around the world. Zuken helps implement product development processes that work in global markets.

Compatibility with leading-edge technologies

Electronics technologies are evolving every day - but it is not easy to replace a development environment once it has been introduced. In order to meet the latest design needs in a timely manner, Zuken employs an open and scalable architecture in its software products. In addition to routinely enhancing software functionality, Zuken also engages in product development that emphasizes the ability to adapt flexibly to customer design environments.

Supporting outstanding results

At Zuken we not only seek to improve software functionality, but also tackle the challenge of how to achieve outstanding results for our customers as quickly as possible. Zuken’s experienced support staff provide unmatched startup assistance, as well as support services that free designers from dealing with ancillary tasks.

Global networking

Utilizing a network that extends to countries across the globe, Zuken proactively creates spaces for the exchange of information between customers. The Zuken Innovation World conferences are held in countries that lead the world in technology including Japan, the United States, and Germany. The events provide information on advanced initiatives and cutting-edge technology from various nations, and are highly valued by our customers.

The Partner for Success

Understanding the Zuken name & logo

Zu-ken is an acronym for:

Zukei - Shori - Gijutsu - Kenkyujo
Design - Process - Technology - Research Center


ZukenZuken's corporate logo incorporates the "Z" in Zuken and the first character of the Company's name in Japanese and closely resembles the flag of a ship, with black symbolizing "earthy people," yellow symbolizing "intelligence," and blue symbolizing "time and space."

Together, these colors represent Zuken's determination to be "people who are trusted like the earth and who use our wisdom to provide products that create time and space."

Zuken - The Partner For Success