Meet our People: Iyad, Application Engineer


Meet-Our-People-Iyad-300x300Meet Iyad Rayane, an experienced Application Engineer in the area of 3D advanced IC packaging and co-design. He recently took the time to chat about his projects at Zuken.

I started my career at a French startup in the Grenoble area specializing in microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). Back then I was a product manager of their CAD tool dedicated to MEMS design. Since then, I have filled different positions with ST Microelectronics and Mentor Graphics working mainly on System-on-Chip (SoC) implementation.

In 2016, I joined Zuken to work on the co-design flow for chips and packaging. Thanks to my background in SoC implementation, I am well-rooted in this type of design flow which enables me to close the gap between the SoC design and the IC package using the co-design flow in CR-8000. Only by understanding both sides, you can draw a complete picture of the overall system and perform the optimization taking into account the constraints from the perspective of the overall system.

Naturally, this led me to work on the systems engineering design flow based on Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) after Zuken acquired the Vitech. The acquisition expands our solution portfolio to include systems engineering, an area of increasing importance to product development companies.

My typical day

I usually work from home, while traveling regularly between different Zuken sites and customer sites. During the pandemic, my typical day is 100 % work from home but filled with plenty of virtual interactions with colleagues in different locations across Europe and Japan. I love this international aspect of my job.

I am the interface between our customers and our R&D department and therefore interact with customers on a regular basis. Personally, I believe trust is the key to working with customers. It is the basis for building not just a customer/provider relationship, but a two-way relationship where everyone wins. The starting point is the consultation with the customer to understand his requirements and to get an overall picture of his objectives and expectations. Only then can an optimal solution be found and implemented. There is no shortcut to a successful partnership.
In addition to the professional side, I also appreciate the cultural side at Zuken, which has allowed me to enrich my personal experiences beyond my day-to-day job.

Break-through Benchmark

One project that stands out for me was one where a customer with unprecedented requirements started a benchmark to replace a competing tool. After intensive collaboration with R&D, we managed to implement the advanced features and ended up winning the benchmark. It happened to be the first customer to adopt the tool and opened the door for many more great adventures.

Peaks and Hummus

I live in the French Alps surrounded by mountains. Wherever you look, there is a peak to climb. So outside of work, it is the mountains that inspire me. Whether it is winter or summer, there is always a fun activity to do in the mountains. I am a fan of swimming and trail running, exploring the mountains one trail at a time. When the weather is miserable, I practice my second hobby, cooking – needless to say, how delicious my homemade hummus is.

Trail running in the French Alps
Iyad Rayane
Iyad Rayane
Applications Engineer
Focusing on the Co-design flow and Advanced Packaging solution with CR-8000, Iyad has around 20 years of experience in the semiconductor field, spending 11 years as an Application Engineer at Mentor Graphics working on SoC design on advanced process nodes. Prior to that he worked as an EDA engineer at ST Microelectronics, developing RF and mixed signal design flows for large design houses. Iyad started his career in a startup in the Grenoble area specialized in Mems design and modeling. He is the author and co-author of numerous scientific publications presented at international conferences.