Meet our People: Daniele, Pre-sales Application Engineer



Meet Daniele Beretta, a young and driven pre-sales application engineer based in Italy. He joined Zuken in 2020 after working in several pre-sales positions at a competitor.

I started my career in automation design in 2013 working as a Helpdesk Support Engineer at Eplan. I spent three years in 1st-level support, where I was able to develop my technical skills covering different types of software solutions for electrical engineering, fluid power, 3D design of control panels, and cable harness design.

Later on, I became a Technical Advisor, conducting customer training and advising customers on-site, before taking the next step in my professional career and filling the position of Technical Marketing Pre-Sales Engineer.My responsibilities included running compelling technical demonstrations, as well as collaborating on sales and marketing activities such as webinars on our products, marketing videos, and live events to showcase the products. This allowed me to acquire a very in-depth technical knowledge in the automation industry even before joining Zuken in 2020.

Dealing Customers the Winning Card

Getting customers on the road to success is an essential part of my work. Of course, this is extremely dependent on the individual, so it is important to precisely capture the customer’s needs in order to create a roadmap that leads to the specified individual objectives. In my experience, one crucial point in this process is to overcome old habits. In many cases, the courage to embrace change will be the winning card for keeping a competitive edge.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

What I like most about my job as a Pre-Sales Application Engineer is demonstrating how easy, efficient, and convenient the product development process can be with the use of Zuken products.I enjoy working independently, preparing demo or training materials. But I am still also in close contact with the sales team and share news with my technical colleagues in the office on a regular basis.

One of the best things about working as a Pre-Sales Application Engineer at Zuken is that there is almost no such thing as a “typical workday”, no dull routine. Today be completely different from yesterday and tomorrow already awaits with new challenges and new opportunities. As part of pre-sales activities, we tailor the E3.series demos to the exact needs of the prospect. These are obviously different every time, which makes it my work interesting and diverse. Prospects can get hands-on experience with our software, so they never have to buy a pig in a poke.

Sportsman Goes Family Man

I am a passionate sportsman and between September and May, I train 4 times a week in the swimming pool. In the summer season, I compete in open water races in the lake or in the sea.
I was able to achieve very good results in the past. In 2006 I was Italian champion in 200m medley, 200 m butterfly, and backstroke. In 2014 I placed second in the 14 km swim in Lake Orta and in 2016 I finished first in the 5 km race in Lake Garda.

This year I, unfortunately, didn’t compete in many races because of Covid. But I did manage to win the regional championship in the 100m butterfly.
When I’m not in action myself I’ll cheer for AC Milan in soccer or root for Valentino Rossi in motorsports. Next to sports I also like to go traveling with my girlfriend, but in December our biggest adventure yet awaits us as we are expecting a baby boy.

Lilli Schuetze
Lilli Schuetze
Technical Marketing Content Author
Lilli Schuetze is a Technical Marketing Content Author, blogging about the world of electrical and electronic design. At Zuken she is responsible for a variety of different digital marketing activities, such as content creation, search engine and social media marketing. She loves spending time outdoors, hiking, camping and exploring.
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