CADSTAR Replacement Policy for Damaged and Lost License Files or Dongles

Zuken maintains its right to protect its intellectual property by using modern advances in software protection against un-authorized use and software piracy.

The method of protection currently used by Zuken is a two part system based on both hardware and software components. These components are bound together by Zuken and assigned to Customers at the time of purchase as the means to activate the software products purchased.
The software component is made up of a license file using 256 bit encryption to synchronize with the hardware protection component provided for use by Zuken (hereafter jointly referred to as a "Dongle").The protection system cannot function without both parts being in place.

In case a license file is lost or a Dongle is stolen or becomes defective the following terms and conditions shall apply:

1. Loss of license file

Should a license file be lost, Customer shall contact a local CADSTAR reseller or Zuken directly to obtain a copy of the latest license file that is on record for the software products purchased.

2. Defective Dongle

Should a Dongle fail or become defective, it may be replaced based on Customer’s maintenance status as follows:

2.1. Customers with current maintenance contract

2.1.1. There is no charge for the replacement of a defective Dongle.

2.1.2. Customer shall contact their local CADSTAR reseller or Zuken directly to obtain a thirty (30) days temporary license authorized to Customer’s respective MAC address. The temporary license will authorize the full CADSTAR products included the Software products that are covered under the current maintenance contract for the Dongle being replaced.

2.1.3. Customer shall return the defective Dongle to Zuken by registered mail as soon as possible, but not later than thirty (30) days after receipt of the temporary licensed issued by Zuken to Customer. Once the Dongle has been received by Zuken, a replacement Dongle will be issued with the corresponding license to authorize the software products that are covered under the current maintenance contract for the previous Dongle being replaced.

2.1.4. Failure to return the defective Dongle within the allotted time period of thirty (30) days will result in the expiration of the thirty (30) days temporary license rendering the respective CADSTAR software product inoperable in its unlicensed state.

2.1.5. Customers within North America are supported using an RMA (Return Manufactures Agreement). North American Customers shall contact their local CADSTAR reseller or Zuken USA Inc. directly to obtain a RMA.

The RMA states that a replacement Dongle and matching license file will be provided in anticipation of the user returning the defective Dongle by registered mail to Zuken USA Inc. within thirty (30) days after execution of the RMA by Customer and Zuken USA Inc.

Failure to return the defective Dongle within the allotted time period will result in the invoicing of the software products provided in the new license file and the new Dongle.

2.2. Customers with lapse maintenance contracts.

2.2.1. There is a charge of €175.00 for the replacement of a defective Dongle.

2.2.2. Customer shall contact their local CADSTAR reseller or Zuken for a sales quotation for a replacement Dongle. The sales quotation is to be used to generate a purchase order for the necessary amount plus any applicable costs, i.e. taxes and shipping. When Zuken receives the purchase order or required form of payment, the replacement Dongle and corresponding license file will be shipped to the Customer.

3. Lost or Stolen Dongle

Should a Dongle be lost or stolen

3.1. Lost or stolen Dongles are deferred to the Customer as the loss of the software products purchased and licensed to Customer.

3.2. Zuken shall have no responsibility or obligation in the replacement of the Dongle or the software products licensed for use. Therefore Customer assumes the full loss of the software products. Hence the software products must be repurchased from Zuken.

3.3. In the event of a lost or stolen Dongle, Customer shall contact Zuken without undue delay to notify Zuken that the Dongle in no longer in its possession, Zuken will then identify the Dongle as inactive whereby no further licenses will be generated.

3.4. Zuken recommends that all Customers amend the software products purchased as an insurable item on their business insurance policies.

3.5. Customers who have insured their software products against loss and/or theft may file a claim with their insurance company(s) in case the Dongle is stolen. Once a settlement value is received, Customer may contact its local CADSTAR reseller or Zuken for further assistance. As a concession to Customers with current maintenance contracts, a thirty (30) days temporary license can be provided at no charge to Customer, upon request, in order to maintain its design efforts while insurance claims are being processed.

This Policy is subject to change without notice.