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Zuken Supports Next Generation of Automotive Engineers – Sponsoring Formula Student Team

July 20, 2010 – Munich, Germany – Zuken is supporting the automotive engineers of tomorrow by donating a license of their advanced cable design and formboard creation software from the E³.series electrical software suite, to the Formula Student team at the University of Applied Sciences in Esslingen, Germany.

Formula Student promotes careers and excellence in engineering by challenging university students to design, build, develop, market and compete as a team with a small single seater racing car. The team “Rennstall Esslingen” at Esslingen University is currently ranked world number 24, and in 2010 is fighting to move up this list. Previously the electrical engineers had not worked with a professional engineering environment for their electrical CAD, but as their race car began to incorporate more electrical components and systems, with additional sensors, etc., they identified that a specialized CAD package was essential. The team asked Zuken for their support, knowing that they work with some of the world’s major automotive and motorsport companies.

With the support of Zuken, we have been able to make a revolutionary leap forward with our 2010 car. They have not only donated their leading software to us, but also given us full training to allow us to use it to its full potential.

Timo Fix Wiring systems team leader of the Esslinger team

The project is designed to be as close to actual market conditions as possible, demanding that the students follow the same design justification and business planning as a commercial race team. For the purpose of the competition, the students assume that a manufacturing firm has engaged them to produce a prototype car for evaluation. The intended sales market is the non-professional weekend racer so the car must have very high performance in terms of its acceleration, braking, and handling qualities. At the same time, it must be low in cost, easy to maintain, and reliable. In addition, the car’s marketability is enhanced by other factors such as aesthetics, safety and use of common parts. The challenge to the team is to design and fabricate a prototype car that best meets these objectives. They then enter races locally and internationally to compete for a place in the world ranking.

Zuken is also one of the platinum sponsors of the team.

As a high-tech company that operates in the automotive and motorsport industries, we recognize the importance of continuing to support the development of young engineers. Supporting this program is critical to keep an innovative supply of individuals entering the industry. We look forward to tracking their progress during the race season in August and September.

Joachim Frank Head of E³.series business development

For real time updates visit the team’s website at

Zuken is committed to aiding the development of tomorrow’s engineers and is open for discussions about supporting similar student projects.

To find out more about Zuken’s E³.series electrical software suite visit

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