engineering knowledge base and design checklist for pcb layout best practises

CR-8000 Circuit DR-Navi

Circuit DR Navi – Engineering knowledge base and design review checklist

Engineering teams often maintain process requirements and best practice documents to support the PCB design process (which is a best practice in itself).
These documents are typically stored outside the design project and are not intelligently associated with the design, resulting in inconsistent communication of engineering specifications. During design reviews, engineers provide feedback and guidelines to address design issues, but this is often provided on paper, PDF or by email. This makes it difficult for design teams to manage and confirm each instruction provided during design reviews.

CR-8000 Circuit DR Navi helps design teams consolidate engineering expertise and best practices into a central repository integrated with the design process. During logical circuit design, engineers can access a standard set of requirements, or create project-specific instructions to create a structured checklist to drive design guidelines across the PCB design flow. These checklists aid layout designers and confirm that engineering guidelines have been observed. They are also used as an intelligent platform for engineers to communicate feedback during design reviews. With Circuit DR Navi, new information can easily be added to the engineering knowledge base and integrated within the design process to drive engineering intent early on, validate and trace requirements, and expand and share design expertise across the organization. This leads to shorter PCB design cycles, reduced product development costs, and faster time-to-market.

Top features and benefits

  • Connect process documents with integrated engineering knowledge base
  • Reduce costly errors and design iterations by specifying engineering guidelines and expertise early in the design process
  • Associate images, documents and URLs to improve communication of design instructions
  • Apply standard and designspecific guidelines to logical circuit designs and automatically create a design checklist
  • Save time creating guideline checklists through automatic assignment of design guidelines to circuits, components, nets and pins
  • Cross-probe logical and physical designs, with design viewers to enhance and ease the design review process
  • Validation and traceability of engineering requirements through support for automatic digital sign-off in checklists
  • Easy addition of new guidelines into knowledge base improves quality of future designs and provides growth in expertise across engineering organizations

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