Zuken announces first EDM system for electrical and fluid design

E3.EDM provides native engineering data management for E³.series

Faymonville special vehicle
E3.EDM will bring benefits to users across a wide range of industries. One of the first to implement the solution is special vehicle manufacturer Faymonville.

E3.series product structure mapped in E3.EDM down to the device – an integrated viewer allows to inspect designs without opening E3.series.

The E3.EDM dashboard panel is integrated into the E3.series user interface. E3.EDM data management and workflow functionality can be accessed from within E3.series without leaving the application.

Project managers can stay on top of their various development projects while on-the-go using the E3.EDM tablet app for quick access to project information.

E3.EDM’s launchpad

Editing within the E3.EDM user interface.

3 December 2013 – Munich, Germany and Westford, MA, USA – Zuken has introduced the first data management solution specifically designed to manage E3.series design data in its native format. E3.EDM (Engineering Data Management) builds on Zuken’s E3.series and CONTACT Software’s CIM DATABASE EDM platform to provide data and process management integrated into E3.series for wire, harness, cable, control system and fluid design.

E3.EDM is the first solution that enables native data management of E3.series data, thereby empowering electrical and fluid design processes in key areas.

Faymonville, a European manufacturer of special vehicles, is implementing E3.EDM – first as part of a pilot program: “We are convinced the capabilities offered by native management of our electrical and fluid design data will bring significant improvements in our change and variant management process, and in the re-use of existing designs”, said Roland Fuhrmann, Head of IT at Faymonville.

Electrical and fluid design have specific requirements for data and process management that, until today, have not been covered by existing engineering IT solutions. E3.EDM closes a significant gap in the engineering process and thus helps boost productivity and design quality.

For electrical engineers, the data and process management capabilities of E3.EDM are a seamless extension to the existing E3.series work environment. By using the native E3.series data model, designs are managed on a sheet and device level, enabling engineers to work the way they prefer to work, rather than adapting their work process to the EDM tools. Also, engineers can immediately see which parts are being used in which design.

Project managers benefit from integrated engineering workflow support, resource management and project management capabilities. IT managers are provided with a solution which can be integrated into their existing PLM and ERP systems, and is scalable to the unique and dynamic requirements of each company.

E3.EDM has been developed by Zuken Contact GmbH & Co. KG., a joint venture formed specifically for developing engineering data management software solutions. E3.EDM is sold and supported exclusively by Zuken. The initial release of E3.EDM is available in December 2013.


For more information about E3.EDM, visit www.zuken.com/e3edm

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