SPS Connect 2020

November 24 - 26, 2020

Connect with Experts

The SPS Connect, the virtual platform of the exhibition SPS – Smart Production Solutions, is the digital industry meeting point for the international automation industry and covers the whole spectrum of smart and digital automation – from simple sensors to intelligent solutions, from what is feasible today to tomorrow’s vision of a comprehensively digitized industrial world. The SPS Connect is the place where the who’s who of the automation industry meets.

More than just a digital event, it is a virtual platform offering a diverse program of lectures on industry topics and trends and featuring a matchmaking portal allowing direct connection with specialist colleagues, experts, and solution providers in real-time.


Engineering Solutions Live

Zuken will be on hand at SPS Connect to discuss its range of engineering solutions for the automation industry:

The Digital Twin in Control Cabinet Production

More than ever before, switch cabinet construction is in a pronounced field of tension:
A wealth of technical options that are difficult to manage, quickly changing customer requirements, high cost and price pressure, and tight deadlines. This can only succeed if the possibilities of automation and digitalization are transformed into a perfect interplay of product, process, and means of production.

To address these challenges with tailored, integrated solutions, the companies Weidmüller, Komax, Zuken, and Armbruster Engineering have launched the SMART CABINET BUILDING initiative.

With E3.series, Zuken provides complete digital information for the automation of manufacturing and assembly steps in electrical cabinet construction. E3.series covers all planning steps – from the circuit diagram to the control cabinet layout with data preparation for control cabinet production and cable assembly.

Engineering Solutions for the Automation Industry

Zuken’s E3.series is a modular, configurable system for planning cabling and control systems in mechanical and plant engineering, vehicle construction, appliance engineering, and power engineering. It is used by leading companies throughout the world

With its modularly configurable applications, E3.series covers the areas of circuit diagrams, cabinet and panel layout, fluid diagrams, 1:1 production drawings for cable harnesses, and native data management including configuration and change management. An object-oriented system architecture provides consistency of all views and derived documents and parts lists.

E3.series is open for integration with MCAD systems and offers a complete engineering solution from concept and physical realization to the generation of data sets for digital production control and assembly assistance.

Digitally Assisted Assembly, Wiring and Final Checkup

With the E3.series extensions E3.AssemblingCockpit, E3.WiringCockpit and E3.WiringChecks assembly documents can be generated directly from an E3 project. With their assistance, also less qualified staff can work through the individual work steps step by step.

The software logs and documents every operation; any adjustments and corrections identified during the course of production will be digitally documented and returned to the design department for review and correction.

Cable and Wire Harness Design

E3.cable is an integrated engineering solution for circuit diagram development and wire harness design. The integrated block functionality allows the creation of dynamic components that serve as a representation of electronic control units with their complete connectivity.

Blocks can represent individual components, assemblies, black boxes, circuit boards as well as entire systems and subsystems. Connection pins and plug contacts and their signal information can be dynamically added and displayed in the circuit diagram. Of course, block components can also be stored as ready-to-use components in the E³.series component library.

Various device views allow alternative representations such as single line diagrams, cable diagrams and connector pin assignment diagrams. Connectors, for example, can be shown in the circuit diagram as single pins and in the cable diagram as complete connectors.

Original representation and views are “online”, i.e. changes at any position are immediately visible in all representations. In addition, the block functionality allows the design of hierarchical designs in any depth of hierarchy. Signals and connections are passed through all hierarchical levels.

The hierarchy functionality enables top-down and bottom-up design, supports design reuse and provides project managers with a system-level overview.

Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Cooling and Lubrification Systems

Hydraulic, pneumatic, cooling, and lubrication systems activated by electric motors or pumps require integrated handling of hydraulic and electric constructions.

Available as an extension of Zuken’s E3.schmatic and E3.cable, E3.fluid enables the consistent and synchronized representation of electromechanical equipment in pneumatic circuit diagrams, electrical circuit diagrams and plant layouts. Part and connection lists derived from these diagrams show only a single instance of combined electrical and fluid elements (e.g. valves). Changes can be made at any point and are updated in all views by database-controlled cross-references.

Electrical Cabinet Design

With the powerful design tools of E3.panel, designers can create control cabinet layouts in 2D or 3D. Helpful features, such as automatic snap points, allow for easy placement of parts in the correct position. Collisions are avoided by means of fixing and height restrictions.

A direct integration of 3D cabinet layout and circuit diagram design enables a flexible design process, which can start with the cabinet layout as well as with the circuit diagram. The data generated with E3.panel can be used directly to control wire assembly machines and drilling, punching and cutting machines as well as assisted assembly, wiring via portable terminals.

Library, Design Data and Configuration Management

The data management solution DS-E3 complements the electrotechnical environment of the E3.series. It is closely integrated with the toolsets and manages E3.series project data and libraries in their original format and subjects them to an engineering workflow process.

DS-E3 ensures that development and production personnel have access to up-to-date, validated libraries, project data and parts list information. Employees can use this information to assign tasks and workflows for change and approval processes and to support the configuration and reuse of designs with the help of module and variant management functions.

DS-E3 can be integrated into all major PLM and ERP systems offering SOA-based plug & play connectivity. In addition, generic APIs for integration with further third-party systems are available.

PCB and ECU Development

Design Force combines conventional 2D with native 3D design and the latest technologies in GUI, fast graphics, and lightning-fast rendering and refreshing. It is the fastest and most effective PCB layout software on the market. Design Force enables design teams to create their designs in the context of a complete system or product.

In the native 2D and 3D architecture of the CR-8000 PCB layout software, designers can effectively co-develop a chip, package, and board, optimize I/O at every level, intelligently embed components in the dielectric of a stack and verify manufacturing rules in real-time.

Continuous verification of manufacturing rules and constraints ensures that both manufacturing and engineering objectives are met during the design process.

Integration of electronic and harness design

The intelligent block functionality of E3.cable enables engineers to work with dynamic components as placeholders for electronic control units. These placeholders can be completed with circuit diagram data from Zuken’s CR-8000 PCB development system while maintaining the connection logic and developed as a continuous system. Our Demo-Szanrio shows the following use cases:
• Place hierarchy block symbols based on CR-8000 design data
• Update hierarchy block symbol based on different scenarios (change signal name, change a connector,…)
• Replace connector keeping reference number
• Replace connector using a new reference number

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