That’s a Wrap! Zuken Innovation World Americas 2019


Back in a January post, I listed some of the top reasons to attend Zuken Innovation World Americas 2019. Now that the conference is over and we’re taking a closer look, I’m pleased to say that we didn’t miss a beat. Here are some of the highlights from the event along with first-hand participant feedback.

Digital transformation


We headed into the conference determined to share the message of Zuken’s digital transformation. That’s a message and a concept that resonated with the audience as we learned throughout the conference. To help tell the story, David Long with Vitech shared a wealth of knowledge about Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), what exactly it is, and why you should care. Following on from that, Anark’s Stephen Collins explained the benefits of a connected, collaborative, information-rich digital thread spanning the product life cycle in an informative keynote address.

Enlightening and peeking over the bleeding edge of possibilities in years to come.

Sanel Babic, United Launch Alliance

An added technical track featured topics focused on digital engineering from partners and Zuken experts alike. With the positive feedback, you can be sure that we’ll deliver an even more robust agenda next year.

Learning abounds



With 40 classes to choose from, participants had learning opportunities at every turn. Topics ranged from what’s new updates to how-to tutorials, to customer case studies, and best practices with partner integrations. Year after year, one of the top reasons cited for attending is improving tool knowledge. In fact, a whopping 98% of survey respondents indicated they are “likely” or “highly likely” to recommend ZIW to a colleague in the future.

Great, came here with minimal knowledge about Zuken, leaving with a much better technical understanding.

Robyn Healy, Siemens

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73% of participants visited the Expert Bar at least one time. Talk with any of them and you’ll hear how spending some one-on-one time with a Zuken technical expert helped them address some of their most pressing technical questions.

As a new/future user, it was a good way to get some info on the tools and perspective from other users with more experience

Robert Ward, Carlisle IT


Creating a network

Zuken_Innovation_World_2019_HHI-317-of-386-1024x683-1-300x200Second, only to learning, networking is another top reason why participants return year after year. When you spend breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks with the same group of people, you’re bound to meet someone new. Add in the more relaxed social events like the welcome reception, ladies’ dinner, and conference dinner, and now you’ve got the elements for building business relationships.

A very personal experience, with opportunities to ask questions and offer suggestions directly with developers, and executives. I felt valued and prioritized as a customer and attendees had a blast!

Brooke Buchanan, Crescent Systems, Inc.

Innovative technologies



With our largest Technology Showcase to date, our participants enjoyed several uninterrupted hours to visit with Zuken’s technology partners. From 3D printers, to complementary software, to harness testing, manufacturing and layout, our partners had it.

This has been one of the best organized and well-paced events I’ve attended in a long time . . . I’m looking forward to next year!

Matt Wuensch, Anark

Plans for 2020

We’ve already started planning for 2020, reviewing attendee feedback, consulting our growing list of new ideas, and building on what consistently works well. We’re excited and I know you will be too. Mark the date on your calendar and make plans to attend!


ZIW Americas 2020
April 27-30, 2020
Coronado Island Marriott Resort & Spa
Coronado, California

ZIW around the globe

Zuken Innovation World takes place in locations around the globe giving you plenty of opportunities to participate in this exciting event.

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Lance Wang
Lance Wang
Solutions Architect
Lance Wang is a solutions architect at the Zuken SOZO Center. He supports the CR-8000 product line, mainly focusing on high-speed PCB design and signal integrity features. When not behind the keyboard or in front of customers, he is a Tom Brady fan and enjoys playing ping pong in his spare time.
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