Person's hand interacting with a virtual interface, symbolizing data migration processes with floating digital files and a loading bar, representing the seamless electronic CAD data transition concept featured in Zuken

Unlocking the Key to Seamless Data Migration of Electrical and Electronic Legacy Data

A smart investment for securing valuable know-how

Electrical and electronic engineering and design data represent a valuable investment that should be used and reused as often as possible, for reasons of cost and productivity. In today’s fast-paced business environment, with mergers and acquisitions, changing business relationships and technological advances ever more common, companies are increasingly confronted with changing formats and tools.

For this purpose, Zuken offers a comprehensive portfolio of tools and services that assist in migrating legacy electrical and electronic data and third-party formats into the latest Zuken technology. Migration to third-party formats is also supported upon request.

Our migration experts have established a migration process that is stable, secure, and proven by millions of successful data conversions.

Zuken’s migration experts use a powerful migration technology that has been tried and tested in a large number of projects and is constantly updated to support a wide range of different foreign formats. Based on a comprehensive analysis of requirements, Zuken experts create and test a mapping that reads legacy ECAD data and metadata into the migration software and transfers it, including all attributes, layers and value mappings.

Automated batch transfer and integrated quality control

An instructive example of this approach is provided by the case study recently published on Zuken’s website by the company Windmöller & Hölscher, world market leader in machines and systems for the manufacture and processing of flexible packaging, based in Lengerich, Westphalia: In the course of a system transition to E3.series from Zuken, a database of more than 18,000 data records with more than 1 million schematic pages, which had been built up over the course of more than 30 years with the previous system, had to be converted.

After an initial analysis and reorganisation of the inventory of 18,000 projects, the actual implementation was carried out in a 24-hour batch operation with up to 10 processes running in parallel. How the project was prepared and carried out in detail is described in detail in our case study.

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Klaus Wiedemann
Klaus Wiedemann
Marketing Manager Europe
Klaus Wiedemann is responsible for Marketing Communications across Europe covering web content, public relations and marketing programs. He works with customers to highlight their success through case studies and presentations for Zuken Innovation World events. Klaus is an enthusiast for two-wheeled vehicles and owns several classic bikes he likes to maintain and repair.
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