Tech Tip: Mirroring Routed Double-sided Components in CR-8000 Design Force


A common task that is often dreaded among PCB designers is having to relocate a large point-count BGA that’s fanned out, and even partially escaped routed, to the opposite side of a PCB.

This tech tip demonstrates how to embed routed patterns into components to make them easy to move and then mirror the components on the opposite sides of the design.

Andy Buja
Andy Buja
Technical Account Manager - Senior Applications Engineer
Andy Buja is a Technical Account Manager for eCADSTAR, helping customers successfully implement new EDA solutions. His work is focused on ensuring customers move forward quickly and efficiently with the PCB design and engineering solutions they have chosen. He is a long time member of the Zuken team with a passion for boating, and off-shore kayak fishing on Cape Cod in his "Stripah Snipah."