Meet our People: Carl, Technical Content Marketing Manager


Today it is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to the newest member of our marketing team in Europe. Carl just joined Zuken at the beginning of the month as a Technical Content Marketing Manager. In the interview for this blogpost, I was able to get to know him a little better and was particularly impressed by his hobbies, which in fact have something to do with E3.series…

Electrical engineering from concept to maintenance

Meet-Our-People-Carl-1-300x300Previously I was a principal electrical engineer responsible for the whole electrical systems on road construction machines at one of Zuken’s customers. My job ranged from defining the concept functionality and component specification and sourcing to designing the schematics and wire harnesses with 3D routing using E3.series.

Modifying cable harnesses was pretty much an ongoing activity for me, and it’s important to get the design and build just right. Correcting a schematic pre-production takes just a few seconds; correcting a harness once fitted to a vehicle could be a few hours’ work on the shop floor. I remember switching to E3.formboard and using E3.Routing Bridge and E3.eCheck. This was a game changer back then enabling us to be more productive and cut the time taken to develop right-first-time harnesses in half.

I was also responsible for ECU software creation, prototype builds, production builds and service fault finding at customer locations.

New challenges at Zuken

Now with Zuken, I am going to create blogs, and other materials such as videos and webinars, that will enable more customers to engage with the E3.series electrical engineering environment. Because I am a previous Zuken customer, a have experienced the highs and lows of a product development process and resolved many issues along the way, so I can now engage directly with other customers and understand their needs on a similar level. This experience will help to take our content to the next level and make it even more relevant to today’s markets.

I work from home but have regular Teams meetings with other members of the team. I do go to the office sometimes if needed. Microsoft Teams is a great communication tool and being video-based, you still get the human touch.

In my home office the first order of the day is always a good coffee 🙂 I have a room that is my dedicated office so I can lock myself away from the rest of the house. I catch up on emails that have arrived overnight or any from the previous day. After a quick review of my planner to double-check my workload, I get on with my presentations or videos.

Building a car with E3.series

I am currently in the process of building a car from scratch. The car itself I model in PTC Creo, all the electrical systems I designed in E3.schematic, and the harness in E3.formboard. All the metal work, wiring harness, etc., were all built by myself. I am now 4 years into the project and almost ready to have it approved for road use. I can’t wait to finally take it out for a drive!

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