Meet our People: Alexandra, Office Assistant


Alexandra Nater joined Zuken almost 10 years ago, looking for a job with the right balance of work and family after becoming a mom. Based in Switzerland, Alexandra recently took some time to sit with me and chat about her experiences here.

Meet-Our-People-Alex-300x300Since I started at Zuken almost 10 years ago, I have come a long way. With my son getting older I was able to take on more working hours and more responsibilities.

I prepare quotations for our sales managers in Switzerland and Poland. Afterward, I process the order and create invoices. Besides that, I handle everything that comes up in daily office life. I also support the marketing for our Swiss events and organize training sessions for our customers.

My typical workday starts at 8 am. First I read and answer all e-mails, and in between, I treat myself to a cup of coffee and a quick chat with my colleagues. Afterward, quotations are prepared and orders are processed. For a smooth workflow, I organize and manage the required internal communication.

I also run the phone switchboard. This area of responsibility is quite comprehensive. Especially as the first contact on the phone, I can utilize my strengths and help customers to find the right solution. Then I fetch the mail and go through all the invoices and letters.

Empowerment and appreciation

Since I take a central role in coordinating the team I am involved in many different things on a daily basis. I enjoy working closely with my colleagues and appreciate the empowerment and respect I receive as a woman.

I usually go home for lunch as my son is waiting at home. I love to spend some quality time with my family during my lunch break.

My hobbies vary from swimming and snowboarding to horseback riding and weight lifting. But at the moment I spend most of my spare time in the stable because I am training my Frisian horse to become a riding horse. I also enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes. I am trying the keto diet for my active and healthy lifestyle.

Meet Alexandra

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