Why Renishaw choose Zuken, Plus Awesome Movie Bloopers

Making Movies with Customers: Why Renishaw choose Zuken, Plus Awesome Movie Bloopers


It’s not often you spend your work day laughing AND learning. But that’s how it went for Zuken Europe’s first foray into filming videos with our customers.

Of course, we’ve already made lots of movies: Corporate ones; event-based videos (that were often too shaky to use); and lots and lots of technical how-to movies. But we hadn’t produced any movies with customers before and, with an upcoming new website featuring a more personal approach, we wanted to capture what it was like to actually work with Zuken. Not just what our software is like – but the whole experience of working with the Zuken team from first approach to several years in.

Renishaw, a global company with core skills in measurement, motion control, spectroscopy and precision machining, kindly offered to be first off the blocks. So, with some preparation under our belt, and flanked by an experienced video production team in Videotrack, we headed to Renishaw HQ in Wotton-under-Edge, UK, ready to learn.

You can see for yourselves how much fun we had in this blooper and outtake reel

Getting down to business, there are a choice of approaches depending on your interests.

For managers and those interested in business relationships

Hear about the part Zuken tools play in Renishaw’s business strategy and why they decided on Zuken’s electrical and electronic tools, from Pete Leonard, Electronic Design Manager (below).

If you’re a Design Manager, PCB or Electrical Design Engineer

You can get an insight into Zuken’s solutions from the perspective of Renishaw’s senior technical experts and users, Andrew Blackmore, Technical Fellow; and Kevin Rowe, Principal Electronics Engineer; as well as thoughts from Pete Leonard, Electronic Design Manager (below).

For Manufacturing Engineers, Production Managers, or anyone with an eye on the bottom line

Find out how Renishaw get their products out to their customers using Zuken tools. This Design for Manufacturing (DfM) movie features Mike Prideaux, Electronics Assembly & Test Engineering Manager; along with Andrew Blackmore, Technical Fellow; and Pete Leonard, Electronic Design Manager (below).

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