Tech Tip: Design Force 3D Technology Editor


In Design Force you can edit your board Technology using the 3D Technology Editor.  In the 3D technology edit window, you can perform the following operations to edit the technology for the board.

“Adding or Deleting a Conductor Layer to/from a Board (3D)”

“Adding or Deleting a User Defined Layer to/from a Board (3D)”

“Editing Layer Attributes of a Board (3D)”

“Editing the Layer Mapping of a Board (3D)”

In the video, I also use the 2D Technology Editor to edit the displayed layer order and comments.  I also edit the board configuration in the Rule Editor to make sure my design is ready for the simulation tools.

Brian Gilman
Brian Gilman
Applications Engineer
Brian Gilman is an applications engineer at Zuken USA. He started at Zuken in 2009 after spending over 20 years at Invensys.