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Zuken Innovation World

Zuken Innovation World 2018 Schweiz

Hotel Seeburg Luzern, Schweiz


Die Zuken Innovation World 2018 Schweiz findet im Hotel Seeburg in Luzern statt. Das Hotel Seeburg ist eine stimmungsvolle Destination in exklusiver Lage mit Blick auf den Vierwaldstätter See und seine Berge. Mit seinem historischen Ensemble und einer gepflegten Gartenanlage ist das Hotel Seeburg das ideale Seminarhotel für unsere Zuken Jahresveranstaltung 2018.Weitere Informationen

PCB West 2018

PCB West 2018

Santa Clara, California, USA


For 26 years PCB West has trained designers, fabricators and, lately, assemblers on making printed circuit boards for every product or use imaginable. The September 2017 event attracted nearly 2,000 designers and engineers and more than 100 exhibitors for the three-day technical conference and one-day sold-out exhibition.More info

Zuken Innovation World

Zuken Innovation World 2018 Japan

The Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu, Yokohama, Japan


ZIW Japan started as Zuken’s private event for our customers in 1991. Thanks to the passionate support from our attendees, we have been able to continuely provide an ever enriching environment for the audience year after year. Now known as Zuken Innovation World (ZIW) this is the annual series of Zuken conferences held at different venues around the globe.More info

IWLPC 2018

San Jose, California, USA


IWLPC brings together some of the semiconductor industry’s most respected authorities addressing all aspects of wafer-level, 3D, TSV, and MEMS device packaging and manufacturing.More info

Zuken Innovation World

Zuken Innovation World 2019 Americas

Hilton Head, South Carolina, USA


Zuken Innovation World is the Zuken series of annual conferences that takes place at different venues around the globe. The conferences bring together our customers, interested parties and other industry professionals for networking, learning and sharing of innovative ideas.More info