Integrated Simulation and Validation

Integrated Simulation and Validation

Anticipate Performance

Cycle Time Reductions

One of the most time-consuming parts of the design process is the test plan. The validation process can be costly in terms of time and money without adequate upfront simulation. eCADSTAR’s capabilities in Spice simulation and SI/PI analysis delivers test cycle time reductions by supporting simulation from within the CAD platform.


SPICE Simulations

Spice simulation is one of the most common types of simulation techniques. Simple yet powerful Spice simulations are available right from schematic capture and enable users to do some early analysis and optimization that can save time at tests and validations.



SI/PI Analysis

Signal integrity and power integrity analysis can help identify issues with a layout that affect the transfer of power and data associated with the PCB layout. These powerful simulation techniques are also available in eCADSTAR to identify issues with a layout well before manufacturing.

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$4995 for a perpetual floating license.

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eCADSTAR is a complete EDA solution for PCB creation.

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