Manufacturing Process Capability

Clearing the Roadblocks

Concept to Reality

Capturing a design is one thing, being able to manufacture it is another. eCADSTAR offers can take the design from concept to reality by integrating with standard industry design capabilities and paradigms such as connecting with Zuken’s E.3 Series Wire Harness Design Engine, IPC-2581 manufacturing data schema, and visualizing the 3D MCAD representation of a design all from within the eCADSTAR itself.


Integrated to E3.series

Increasingly complex systems usually involve multiple boards and those boards are often connected using cable harnesses, eCADSTAR offers easy integration with Zuken’s E.3 Series cable and wire harness design platform to ensure compatible and consistent signal flow.



3D MCAD Representation

eCADSTAR can import MCAD constructs such as the mechanical enclosure and allows visualization of the complete electrical and mechanical integration without having to use different, disparate tools.

Streamlined Manufacturing Output

When a design is complete, sending to manufacturing usually involves Gerber and drill files, eCADSTAR supports that but also supports exporting to richer, more complete manufacturing files such as IPC-2581 and other XML-based manufacturing data.


High Performance at a Low Cost

$4995 for a perpetual floating license.

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Cloud-Based - No software installation is required.

eCADSTAR is a complete EDA solution for PCB creation.

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