eCADSTAR intuitive design

Intuitive Design Capabilities

Simplifying the Learning Curve

Simplify and Accelerate

Leverage eCADSTAR’s design capabilities to simplify and accelerate the design process. With the digitally connected library, intuitive schematic capture, and tools to accelerate PCB layout engineers spend less time manipulating the tool and more time doing what they do best, innovate creative solutions for today’s technological challenges.

Intuitive Design

Digitally Connected Library

The digitally connected library enables immediate access to hundreds of thousands of ready-made library parts from the top component manufacturers. In addition to being design-ready with symbols and footprints, pricing and availability information is also presented.



Intuitive Schematic Capture

eCADSTAR schematic capture makes use of all the expected ECAD paradigms such as hierarchy blocks, design variants, and easy-to-share projects to permit a fast rise up the learning curve and an easy-to-adopt experience.

Accelerate PCB Layout

Conventional boards are easy enough to layout, but high-speed designs require the use of layout techniques and paradigms such as differential pair routing and matched lengths that can be challenging. eCADSTAR makes this easy and transparent with automated and semi-automated routing tools that enable strict compliance to high-speed design rules without sacrificing layout time.


High Performance at a Low Cost

$4995 for a perpetual floating license.

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Cloud-Based - No software installation is required.

eCADSTAR is a complete EDA solution for PCB creation.

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