PCB West 2023

PCB West 2023

September 19 - 22, 2023 - Santa Clara, CA

The Largest Conference and Exhibition for Printed Circuit Board Design,
Fabrication and Assembly in the Silicon Valley

For more than 30 years, PCB West has trained designers, engineers, fabricators, and, lately, assemblers on making printed circuit boards for every product or use imaginable. More than 2,500 designers, fabricators, assemblers, and engineers register, and more than 100 companies exhibit yearly at the four-day technical conference and one-day sold-out exhibition. From high-reliability military/aerospace to cutting-edge IoT and wearables, there’s something for everyone involved in the electronics supply chain. This is one show you cannot afford to miss.

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Don’t Miss Zuken’s Sessions at PCB West 2023!

From DC to AC – Power Integrity and Decoupling Primer for PCB Designers, Situation Today and Outlook for the Future

Speaker: Ralf Bruening, Zuken

In this two-hour workshop, the requirements and the basics of PCB power distribution systems are explained in detail. Plate capacitance, loop inductances and cavity resonance are explained without deep math. Side effects to the signal integrity (SI) and EMC behavior of board structures are discussed using illustrated practical examples. The role of decoupling capacitors and their evolution in recent years are a major part of the workshop. Guidelines for a first order covering and resolving power integrity issues are given regardless of the used PCB design and ECAD process. Simulation capabilities addressing power integrity (PI) during PCB design will be explained and demonstrated by animated slides in a generic, vendor-neutral manner as one powerful problem-solving approach for PI issues. Silicon vendor support documents (e.g., design guidelines, constraint documents, reference designs or spreadsheet tools) to address power integrity are introduced and discussed. Examples from various industries (e.g., automotive) will complement the session with practical application experience.

Who should attend: PCB Designer/Design Engineer, Hardware Engineer, SI Engineer, Fabricator Engineer/Operator
Target audience: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Panel: AI in Electronics: What Can We Expect?

Moderator: Louis Feinstein, Dassault Systemes

Artificial intelligence has made its way into ECAD and other software used in electronics manufacturing. But what’s the actual intelligence in these tools? CTOs of major tool makers discuss the future of AI. We are inviting the CTOs and related domain experts from a handful of ECAD companies to participate. This is intended to give a snapshot of where we are, what’s feasible, and the forecasted timeline for implementation.

  • Tomide Adesanmi, Circuit Mind
  • Michael Jackson, Ph.D., Cadence
  • Kyle Miller, Ph.D., Zuken
  • Sebastian Schaal, Luminovo

Who should attend: PCB Designer/Design Engineer, System Designer, Hardware Engineer, SI Engineer
Target audience: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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