top 10 blogs of 2022

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2022


With 2023 here, we like to look back and see how we did last year. We pulled some numbers and looked at the most popular posts in 2022. As always, we want to give a big shoutout to all of our contributing writers and, of course, you, the visitor, who make this blog something we continue to be proud of year after year.

We hope you had a happy and safe New Year! Keep in touch – we are excited to show you all we have planned for 2023!

10. 3 Methods for Routing High-Speed PCB Designs flex-pcb-dfm-checks

By Lance Wang

Routing high-speed PCB designs require constraint mgmt, diff pair routing, impedance controls + more. Learn 3 methods for routing success…

9. 5 Essential Steps for Implementing Automated Wire Processing Systems Engineering to Detailed Design

By Sanu Warrier

Wire cutting and end treatments are among the few critical steps in unlocking next-level productivity with automated wire processing systems…

8. The Insider’s Guide to E3.series Part 2: Library Configuration and Productivity ToolsRubber Duck

By Laura Mirto

Learn about E3.series library configuration options. Also, learn about what E3.series tools can increase your productivity when managing your library…

7. Top 10 Features to Consider in a Cable and Wire Harness Design Solution


By Sanu Warrier

Explore the top 10 features needed in a Cable and Wire Harness Design Solution to power your next-generation design-to-manufacturing flow…

6. PCB Stack-up Design Rules BL0236 Spices

By: Guest Contributor: Amit Bahl, CRO at Sierra Circuits


Follow these PCB stack-up design rules to create efficient stack-ups and avoid issues like EMI, EMC, crosstalk, and impedance mismatching…

5. What You Really Need to Know When You’re Routing PCB Differential Pairs PCB Differential Pairs

By Jane Berrie

You can tell when something isn’t as clear as it should be. The same questions come up time and again. PCB Routing of a differential pair can be like that…

4. Preparing S-parameters/Touchstone® Model for High-Speed PCB Analysis Preparing S-parameters

By Lance Wang

Learn the history of S-parameters/Touchstone, its advantages and disadvantages, and how to use an automated tool to overcome common challenges…

3. Wire Harness Manufacturing Automation Ideas in a Tight Labor Market Quantum computing concept

By Sanu Warrier

Wire harness manufacturing automation has the potential to cut costs, improve quality and reduce overhead significantly…

2. Routing JTAG: Ensuring a Successful Layout of Our Favorite Debug Interface JTAG Routing

Routing JTAG takes special consideration. Automate JTAG rules checking in CR-8000 for a successful Design for Test implementation…

1. How to Calculate Trace Length from Time Delay Value for High-speed Signals Flex PCBs

By Lance Wang

Managing the propagation delay and relative time delay mismatches can be a real challenge. Therefore, we need to know how to calculate trace length…

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