Top 10 Blog Posts of 2021


With 2022 here, we like to take a look back and see how we did in the last year. We pulled some numbers and looked at what the most popular posts published in 2021 were. As always, we want to give a big shoutout to all of our contributing writers and of course, you the visitor, who make this blog something we continue to be proud of year after year.

We hope you had a happy and safe New Year! Keep in touch – we are excited to show you all we have planned for 2022!

10. Connecting Systems Engineering to Detailed Design with E3.GENESYS Connector Systems Engineering to Detailed Design

By Sanu Warrier

E3.GENESYS Connector creates a ground-breaking process for connecting systems engineering to detailed design with Vitech GENESYS and E3.series…

9. Pre-Layout Analysis for High-Speed Design, Part 1 high speed PCB design

By Lance Wang

Pre-layout analysis for high-speed design is valuable for early-stage verification and can increase a product’s profitability…

8. What’s New in E3.series 2021 – Part 2


By Sanu Warrier

E3.series 2021 part 2 introduces the groundbreaking enhancements and strategic updates for supercharging harness and cabinet design workflows…

7. Get to Know Your SPICEs BL0236 Spices

By Andy Buja

PCB designers typically have little or no experience with SPICE applications. No worries, follow along with me and get to know your SPICEs!

6. The Lifecycle of Systems Simulation Lifecycle of System Simulations

By Chad Jackson

Systems simulation offers keen insights throughout different phases of the production process. Learn more about the lifecycle of systems simulation…

5. How to Use the Harness Builder for E3.series Additional Parts Feature Zuken free training

By Laura Mirto

How to use the additional parts feature of Harness Builder for E3.series to aid in the electrical wire harness drawing process…

4. EMC for PCB Design: Anything but Black Magic Quantum computing concept

By Ralf Bruening

Avoid costly re-design cycles by understanding the basics of EMC for PCB design and how to integrate EMC-compliant design into product development…

3. The Digital Engineering Approach digital engineering approach

By Chad Jackson

This post reveals the benefits of a cohesive digital engineering approach, explaining how to streamline processes, people and technologies…

2. The Insider’s Guide to E3.series Part 2: Library Configuration and Productivity ToolsRubber Duck

By Laura Mirto

Learn about E3.series library configuration options. Also, learn about what E3.series tools can increase your productivity when managing your library…

1. 5 PCB Industry Trends in 2021circuit board

By Don Kaufman

This post reveals 5 of the most noteworthy PCB industry trends this year and the profound impact they will have for designers and consumers…

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