CR-5000 Lightning Scenario / Realize


Basic knowledge of Signal Integrity


  • Use the basic Functionality of Place and Route
  • Use the Tools to examine the Performance of a Design at the schematics stage
  • Examine the Effects of Physical Build of a Board
  • Create Topologies and apply Constraints to a Design
  • Simulate Nets and examine the Wave Forms in Front-end and Backend mode


  • Covered Use of Design File Manager in a Lightning Project
  • Basic Functionality of Physical Editor for Place and Route
  • Explore Topologies in the Scenario Editor
  • Track Configuration by Configuration Editor
  • Simulation of Scenarios and Physical Designs
  • Use of Simulation Library Manager
  • Constraint Manager to constrain, check and simulate a design. Setting constraints for ringing, overshoot, stub lengths, crosstalk, delay, lengthen and skew
  • Topology Editor to create constraints obeyed by the Place and Routing Tools
  • Physical Editor for advanced constraint-driven Place and Route. Using the routing, Characteristic Impedance, overshoot and crosstalk headups, plus examine the Layer Stack and run the Field Solver
  • Design Flow for Front-end and Back-end Mode
  • Multi-board and Electrical Board Desription


For Lightning Place and Route users we offer a three day training course: Lightning P.R.Editor




Zuken Ltd, Aztec W, Almondsbury, Bristol, UK

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