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The Power and Promise of GENESYS: A Model-Based Systems Engineering Tool for Our Time

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As digital engineering changes the way we live and work, systems engineers are turning to model-based engineering software to help them navigate the complexity. GENESYS—an enormously powerful model-based systems engineering tool—addresses our 21st-century challenges with an underlying systems metamodel. Learn how easy it is to use GENESYS to create a model, collect requirements, add an activity, analyze the architecture, conduct a simulation, create automated views of the model, and perform verification and validation. Discover how GENESYS supports broad connectivity, a comprehensive understanding of the problem domain, and completeness of design. Finally, learn about the connectors that allow you to leverage the power of GENESYS across other platforms, such as Excel Connector, Simulink, and ModelCenter.

Mark Simons’ bio:

Mark Simons is a Principal Systems Engineer at Vitech Corporation, where he is responsible for consulting and training functions. Mark has over 25 years of experience in the systems engineering of space, aviation, telecommunication, and defense systems. He has received multiple awards over the course of his practice for his previous work at MITRE and NASA. Mark has also taught topics in systems engineering for the Johns Hopkins Whiting Engineering for Professionals program. He is a Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP).

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