Transitioning from Architecture Design to Detailed Design

On-demand webinar

This webinar is Part 3 of a 3 part series covering the systems engineering process of converting product or system requirements into a viable and robust hardware architecture and then moving that architecture directly into detailed design without any manual re-entry.

Architecture design is typically done with a variety of tools including Excel and Visio. Once an architecture is defined using these tools the architecture design must be realized in the detailed design process. That transition today is manual and error prone involving data re-entry.

This webinar demonstrates the seamless transition from architecture design and optimization to detailed design. After a short review of architecture optimization and validation, the design will be moved to detailed design. A functional block diagram becomes a detailed design schematic or schematics. 2D multi-board planning becomes a 2D/3D PCB design ready for detailed placement and routing. Data re-entry is not required.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to easily transition from architecture design to detailed design without any data loss or re-entry
  • Functional block transition to a traditional schematic or schematics
  • 2D multi-board floor planning transitions to a multi-board system

Who should watch:

  • Hardware engineers
  • System architects
  • Design engineers
  • Electronic engineers
  • Product managers
  • Engineering managers

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