Designing Products, Not Just Boards

The shift to product centric design processes

This white paper explores the benefits of product-centric design and how it differs from current-generation PCB-centric processes and tools.


Industry-leading products now compete on function, price, performance, size, weight and style. The initial purpose of a new product is typically commoditized over time. For instance, consider the extended life cycle of a mobile phone with the initial purpose of completing a call with good sound quality without a wire. The mobile phone is now in Stage 4 of the extended product life cycle where call quality has been commoditized and other factors now play a critical competitive role. Products must evolve to stay competitive and so must the product development processes.


  • Building more competitive products
  • Extended product life cycle – the mobile phone
  • The PCB-centric product development process
  • The shift to product-centric design
  • Designing products with product-centric design

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