Report: Design Data Management

An industry survey conducted by the research and analyst firm techconsult

 A survey of 163 companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland about the challenges and methods applied to the design and management of electrical and electronic systems and assemblies.

Report Objectives

  • What are the requirements of development engineers in the field of electrical and electronic engineering?
  • What are the challenges that need to be mastered in the context of design data management?
  • What are the potential benefits to ECAD tools in having integrated design data management capabilities?

“With challenges for engineering departments expected to grow further, there is a need for solutions capable of supporting engineering teams to perform their tasks efficiently, making processes more efficient.”

The report will discuss

  • Challenges in the engineering environment
  • How companies are managing their design data today
  • Time spent on administrative engineering activities
  • Problems faced in the design process
  • Consequences of data-related design issues
  • Requirements for design tools
  • Opportunities afforded by integrating ECAD with Data Management

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