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E3.series 3D Routing Bridge

E3.3D Routing Bridge – Integrate electrical and mechanical design

Zuken’s E3.series is used for documenting and detailing electrical and fluid design projects. Its flexibility supports the entire process from definition and design, through manufacturing and maintenance. Its unique object-oriented architecture ensures all stages of the design are fully synchronized.

E3.3D Routing Bridge enables companies to integrate their electrical harness design with all major MCAD vendors. Electrical harness details such as connectors, terminals, splices and netlist information are transferred to the MCAD system, where harness engineers route the cables in the mechanical space. The length and structure data for the harness is then fed into E3.series, where the final details are added for manufacturing. E3.3D Routing Bridge works in conjunction with E3.cable.

Special functionalities in E3.3D routing Bridge

  • Electromechanical collaboration
  • Virtual prototyping
  • Clash avoidance
  • Bend radius
  • Space optimization
  • Connector transfer
  • Cable transfer
  • Cable length transfer E3.Harness Flattening (optional product)
  • Extract 3D geometric harness data
  • Automate the creation of 1:1 scale harness description for manufacturing

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Integration for electrical design - ECAD