CR-8000 Design Gateway multi-board design

CR-8000 Design Gateway

Circuit Engineering – Design Gateway

Design Gateway is Zuken’s platform for logical circuit design and verification of single and multi-board system-level electronic designs. Developed with the latest architecture to support graphical and textual design entry methods, it also includes advanced methodologies in hierarchical design to support design reuse and duplicate circuits. Design Gateway’s embedded constraint management system complements tightly linked integrations for synthesis, simulation, timing analysis and verification. This complete solution for the design and verification process has been developed to reduce design time and optimize product cost, size, and performance.


Top features and benefits

  • Support for multi-board design and extraction of multiple PCB netlists within one schematic for integrated system level design
  • Multiple hierarchical design methodologies support the creation of traditional and multi-board system design
  • Design reuse enables proven circuit elements to be reused, saving design time and improving quality
  • Electrical and physical constraints are managed in one environment
  • Advanced electrical rule checks and embedded simulation enable you to design right the first time
  • Embedded support for conducting “whatif” studies to determine best termination and topology of critical signals
  • Interface with best-in-class simulation tools for analog/mixed signal, RF, and systemlevel analysis for a complete engineering environment
  • Parallel use of black box symbols and parts within a circuit design to initiate layout early in the design process
  • Attach or embed design instructions or guidelines to enhance the communication and documentation of the design

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CR-8000 Design Gateway multi-board design