E3.series 2012

E3.eCheck productivity product

E3.eCheck identifies errors at the development stage and avoids costly iterations. It automatically ensures the schematic is functionally accurate and that wires and fuses are within the acceptable tolerances. The design analysis runs in real-time and replaces time-consuming manual checks.

As well as catching tolerance design faults, E3.eCheck also simulates functionality checks. As the current flows through the circuit, loads activate or de-activate and provide immediate visual and audible feedback to the user on their behavior and operational accuracy.

Connector handling gets more connected

E3.series 2012 includes fully automated connector pin terminal handling. Any modification to the wire gauge will result in automatic selection of the correct connector pin terminal; regardless of where changes are made in the design flow.

This means connector pin terminal selection, cavity seal selection and environmental terminal selection are now fully automatic, leading to fewer errors and more streamlined design flow. Designers will spend far less time considering how to configure connectors.

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Configuration control

Anyone working with the numerous configuration choices in vehicle industries understands the complexity of the design process and the need for speed and accuracy when compiling design specifications.

To address this, E3.series 2012 has improved option handling with configurations and packages (a collection of functional additions to a vehicle). This benefits those working with options and variants as engineers can quickly access the specifications for different vehicle configurations and analyze the effects of alternative design scenarios. In keeping with E3.series’ object-oriented functionality, selecting the configuration automatically creates the relevant data for all departments involved in the production process.

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Automatic wire numbering

E3.series 2012 enables you to configure the wire numbers in the project based on circuit functionality and signal classification. The utility is also configurable for a number of additional industries, including machinery, rail and power.

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Visual search

E3.series 2012 offers enhanced part selection through improved component search, allowing users to search for parts in a number of ways. This functionality has been improved to provide advanced visual preview and configurable attribute search and listing. Users can examine multiple views of the part (e.g. both schematic and panel), define favorites, and configure display fields to speed up their part searching process. 

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Table-driven wire type and conductor name change

E3.series 2012 builds on the benefits of its object-oriented architecture to offer wire type and conductor modification in the connection table. This means that users will no longer need to make time-intensive individual changes for each instance of a wire in each design sheet. Wires can be added from the parts database into the connection table, and spreadsheet-style modifications are also supported.

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