Product Portfolio

Software solutions for PCB design, electrical and wire harness design, and library and data management

Today’s product design can no longer focus on one board, one package or one wire harness at a time. You need to design your product as a whole and optimize to meet system-level requirements. At Zuken, our products and services are developed to give you a competitive edge and help keep you one-step-ahead of your competition now and in the future.

Today we operate in a global environment, where design teams and manufacturing facilities are located around the world, demanding integration of design processes on a global scale that have the ability to deliver consistency through centralization, while still offering flexibility for localization.

To remain competitive, organizations are increasingly focused on the whole product lifecycle. No longer do you just need to manage design up to the point of manufacture, but maintenance issues like in-field repair and obsolescence are increasingly having an impact on the way you work.

These issues and more are addressed by Zuken's software solutions and support services.

PCB Design software

PCB design

Zuken's PCB design solutions have been changing the world's expectations and ability to design innovative electronic products since 1976. With a range of product solutions, Zuken has the technology you require to meet all your design requirements.

  • CR-8000 - Product-centric 3D PCB design platform
  • CADSTAR - Desktop price/performance pcb design software.
Electrical and Wire Harness design software

Electrical & wire harness design

Electrical CAD software has come of age with Zuken’s E3.series. This modular tool is meets and exceeds the demands placed on it by a variety of disciplines.

  • Design and documentation of wire harnesses and cable assemblies
  • Design and documentation of control systems and panel layouts
  • Fluid design for hydraulic and pneumatic systems

Zuken's E3.series delivers intelligence and integration that is required in today's design environments into your design process.

Engineering Data Management Software

Engineering data management

Zuken has challenged the assumption that it makes sense to hold all the interdisciplinary data and workflow information in one system. By managing work-in-progress data and workflow information within a discipline-specific environment, we streamline data and workflow management, providing the missing link that PLM, ERP and other systems need in order to run efficiently.

  • DS-CR - Manage electronic data and workflow in its native format, then synchronize with cross-discipline PLM and ERP systems.
  • DS-E3 - Manage electrical data and workflow in its native format, then synchronize with cross-discipline PLM and ERP systems.