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What the world is saying about Zuken's CADSTAR

Below is a selection of published articles and editorial coverage from the global media about Zuken and our offerings, with direct links to the online media web pages.

Zuken Inc., a Pioneer in the EDA Industry Set to Grow Globally

The WorldfolioThanks to its historical expertise in Electronic Design Automation, Zuken Inc. has been assisting global electronic manufacturers to produce next-level items since 1976. The Worldfolio speaks with Zuken COO and Representative Director Jinya Katsube.

Power Integrity module is a star turn

Electronic SpecifierTEWS reduced development time and cost of complex high-speed PCBs using concurrent power integrity simulation. Michael Költzow, TEWS Technologies explains how it was done.

Editors Pick - PCB Design System Now Has Mobile Touch App

Desktop Engineering'Early in DE’s history, we had an issue focusing on PCB (printed circuit board) design software. The awesome thing about it was that real PCB design had just become a reality on standard-issue engineering workstations of the day. So, for that month’s cover image, we used a screenshot of some routing pattern...
But, criminy, we’ve come such a long way. Today’s Pick of the Week is about a mobile app for your PCB design environment. It sounds cool...'

Anthony Lockwood - Desktop Engineering

Zuken Releases CADSTAR Touch App

Printed Circuit Design & Fab"Comes with latest CADSTAR release, which also features enhanced Activ-45 router and pusher technology that makes changing existing designs significantly faster and easier."

Mike Buetow - Printed Circuit Design & Fab