ZIW Europe Digital 2020

Registration - English Webinars


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English Session Timetable

All times shown are UK based.

03/06/20 – 13:00
Process Chain to mCAD by E3.3DTransformer

04/06/20 – 10:00
EMC for PCB Designers

04/06/20 – 15:00
Project Management made easy – DS-E3 StarterPackage

09/06/20 – 10:00
Cabinet Design with E3.Panel

09/06/20 – 14:00
Profit from the digital twin – is automatic product optimization possible?

10/06/20 – 10:00
Constraint specification in CR-8000

16/06/20 -15:00
Using an Approved Components List to Avoid Supply Chain Risk

17/06/20 – 15:00
DS-CR smart working library management

18/06/20 – 10:00
Advanced IC Packaging and Co-Design Solution

24/06/20 – 14:00
Engineering Requirements of IoT Devices

25/06/20 – 13:00
The Digital Thread, MBSE and PLM – Key Success Factors for Digital Transformation in Today’s Engineering

25/06/20 – 10:00
Harness Engineering for Manufacturing (New Module E3.FormboardAdvance)

03/09/20 – 14:00
Practical Signal Integrity and EMI Control