State of the art in transport systems and railway infrastructure

TRAKO is the largest and most prestigious rail industry meeting in Poland and one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe. A presentation of the state of the art in transport systems and railway infrastructure in Poland, Europe and round the world. The Fair takes place every two years.

Electrical and electronic system engineering

The number of electronic components in modern rail vehicles is continuously increasing. An operator’s console today controls a complex interaction of various high-tech subsystems that cannot operate without state-of-the-art electronics. In addition, more and more elements from areas such as safety technology, passenger comfort (climate, communication, entertainment) and data exchange between rail vehicles and infrastructure add to the complexity of the systems.

The development needs to consider the interaction of electrotechnical and electronic parts, components and functional groups on a system level. With its CR-8000 and E³.series product lines, Zuken provides a wide range of software modules for electronic and electrical engineering that covers the entire functional range of electrical system development.


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