E3.series Offers French Motorsport Company Liberation

E3.series Offers French Motorsport Company Liberation from Design Admin and Increased Turnaround


E3.series for MotorsportZuken welcomes another automotive and motorsport company to the growing club of E3.series users within this exciting sector. French company Techno MAP joins recent members M-SportHCI Systems, Teepee Electrical and others who have adopted E3.series based on peer recommendations about the tool’s flexibility, ease of adoption and increased productivity.

Last year Techno MAP realised it was time to prioritize ECAD/MCAD integration, reducing duplicate data entry and achieving time savings, among other requirements. Christophe Vergneault, CEO of Techno MAP, explained: “We were losing a lot of time on manual processes, communicating between electrical and mechanical engineering on details such as the length of each wire harness branch, then doing manual checks involving yet more back and forth between the different departments. It was one person’s job just to check the length of each wire harness branch. We realized E3.series would give us the end-to-end workflow process that we needed.”

Christophe Vergneault explained that E3.series’ reputation, and hearing about other companies in his sector who had recently adopted the tool, played a part in their decision. “We knew that M-Sport has similar requirements to us, so hearing they had made the switch to E3.series gave us extra confidence.”

Techno MapTechno MAP describes itself as a team of around 45 professional enthusiasts. They design and manufacture “global electrical architectures” – harness designs, adapted, sized and qualified, to ensure the distribution of electrical power and electronic data throughout the vehicle.

Based in Dieppe, France, they have four main areas of expertise:

  • Design and manufacture of harnesses and on-board intelligence for all types of vehicles
  • Mechanical, electrical and electronics design and development for concept-cars and prototypes
  • Instrumentation for validation and reliability of engines, innovative subassemblies and vehicle performance.
  • Performance research for large public and sports vehicles.

Techno MAP’s customers include motorsport companies such as Renault Sport Racing and Arion Racing Team; car manufacturers such as Renault, Nissan, Peugeot, Citroen and Daimler; engineering companies such as Group Bertrandt and Akka Technology; and Aeronautics companies Safran Electrical & Power.

Christophe Vergneault is extremely positive about the business benefits of their new system: “E3.series will allow us to increase the quality and performance of our harness designs for manufacturing. And because E3.series is aimed at specialists in electrical architecture it supports our overall design process, right up to the generation of production orders.

We’ve recently started using E3.series for harness flattening – one of many capabilities that we’re still discovering. With the time we’re now saving using E3.series, we have freed our electrical engineer from routine tasks and he is able to work on important design detail.”

Sally Powell
Sally Powell