Tech Tip: How to Transfer ABL File From CR-8000 Design Force to Keysight ADS Momentum


This video illustrates how to import and export ABL file from CR-8000 Advanced PCB Design Software Design Force tool to Keysight Technology’s Advanced Design Systems (ADS) Momentum Tool.

This video describes how Design Force- a product-centric layout platform interface with High speed, RF and Electromagnetic Analysis solution. By changing the trace line width in layout, users can import and export ABL file based on user’s performance requirements.

Tunir Dey
Tunir Dey
Applications Engineer for CR-8000
Tunir Dey was serving as an Applications Engineer for CR-8000 products at Zuken Inc. Tunir worked closely with customers in system-level schematic design using Design Gateway, PCB layout design using Design Force, constraint management, topology development, SI, PI, and EMC analysis. Before joining Zuken, Tunir used to serve as a Product Engineer intern in one of the major EDA companies and was responsible for RF, Microwave, high frequency, and high-speed simulation. Tunir graduated from Purdue University with an MS in Electrical Engineering (RF and Microwave) and an MBA in Finance from Indiana University.