How to Register a Command for the Tool List in CR-8000 Engineering Desktop

Tech Tip: How to Register a Command for the Tool List in CR-8000 Engineering Desktop


Many Designers are always asking Zuken how they can create their own user commands that will appear in the Tool List when doing a Right Mouse Button Click on a design under settings in the Engineering Desktop. User commands can be created and listed. This can be accomplished with minimal effort. It will be the designer’s responsibility to create a script that will be listed on the tool list.

To register your command, do the following in EDT under settings.

I am showing 2 pictures because one picture would have been too long, all the fields do not have to be populated. to add a row.

CR-8000 Tool List

Click the Apply button. This will write an xml file to your home account. C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Zuken\CR-8000 Engineering Desktop\resource\settings\cr8edt_user_cmd.xml

Here I have added a sample user command that will launch Board Viewer Advance.

Engineering Desktop

You may have to re-start Engineering Desktop to see the new command.

The following video will show a quick demonstration of this:

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Jeff Perry
Jeff Perry
Applications Engineer at Zuken USA.
Jeff Perry is a Customer Support Applications Engineer. He focuses on customer support for CR-5000/CR-8000 Tool Suites. Jeff provides instruction on Zuken tools at customer sites or via the web. He also puts together Application Notes, Tool Tips and Tech Tips which help improve customer productivity. He enjoys golf and spending time with his grandson.