Tech Tip: How to Join Model Pins to Schematic Pins in E3.series


In order to use components more effectively in your E3.series project, you can associate a model to that component. You can describe the logical characteristics of your component using Component Wizard. However, it’s best create a model of that component to describe its physical characteristics.

Creating a model, you can render the component size, shape, pin location and physical characteristics of those pins – including the type of pin it actually is, the size and number of wires each pin can have attached to it, and the location of those pins in that component.

The video below demonstrates how to define and locate the pins in the graphical model and then how to associate that physical pin in the model with logical pins in the component.

Mike Petersen
Mike Petersen
Senior Applications Engineer
Mr. Petersen has been with Zuken since 1990. His broad range of knowledge and skills has enabled him to take on various roles dealing with hybrid/MCM tools and technologies, 3D PCB design and wire harness design, and tool deployment. Throughout his tenure with Zuken, his main responsibilities have included applications engineering with special attention to integrating solutions into customers’ working environments. Since 2004, Mr. Petersen’s area of focus is on wire harness design, both in pre-sales and integration and deployment roles, with special emphasis on tool integration with E3.series.