How to Find a One Pin Net in CR-8000 Design Force

Tech Tip: How to Find a One Pin Net in CR-8000 Design Force


In a case where the board design data (.dsgn) has a one pin net, we can find it using a batch program called DFbdnetout.exe and then output the one pin net information in the netlist text file.

Below is a sample of the user command to do this:One Pin - CR-8000 Design Force

  • In order to run this batch program, we need to close design data. So I use CLUI ( save ) and ( close ).
  • The next line is to output a text file containing one pin net information.
    • Using option {-m onepinnet} to output the information.
    • Option {-m force} is to overwrite the existing output text file.
    • Option {-m netid} is to output the net name used in the design data.
    • Option {-m ccf_form} is to output information in CCF format, which makes it easier to understand the output netlist text file.
  • The next line will open the output netlist text in Notepad.
    • Since the Notepad program is for Windows, we need to specify {platform:”window”}.
    • Adding {start} will allow you to use Design Force without closing the Notepad program.

By adding this in User Command and Ribbon of Design Force, we get the sample result below:

(scroll down to the bottom of the output netlist text file to see this information)


Watch the video below to learn more:

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