How to Configure and Use E3.WiringCockpit


E3.WiringCockpit is a great Cabinet Production tool to use alongside with E3.series. Making it easier to connect between engineering and manufacturing. When using E3.WiringCockpit the user creates and works from a Wire List of the E3.series panel project. The window displays the wiring information for the worker to follow. Walking them through the installations of each wire step by step. The information provided shows the To and From connection points of the conductor. Additionally, the tool highlights the conductor on the sheet for extra visual support. With E3.WiringCockpit saves the data to the Wire List if you need to pause the tool. That way when you start the wiring function again you can pick up where you had stopped.

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Laura Mirto
Laura Mirto
Applications Engineer
Laura Mirto is relatively new to the E3.series applications engineering team. Her primary role includes providing hotline support and helping customers to use the software more efficiently. One of Laura's favorite hobbies is arts and crafts; she is always up for learning a new art form.