Tech-Tip: DF 2019 New Feature: How to do checking the unconnected length


In DF 2019 we have new feature call “Checking the Unconnected Length”.

But this feature is not in the What’s New online help, since it is execute by simple macro syntax.

  1. Let open the DF 2019 online help and open the page:

Home > Guide to Applications > Checking Design Data > Checking the Unconnected Length


  • To find macro syntax click link “unclength-report”.


  • Copy & Paste the “( unclength-report )” to register it for one of User Command.


  • Add it under Quick Access Tool bar


  • Select some of un-connected nets and execute this command will get report of Unconnected Length.


  • Execute this command without select any of un-connected net will get this message.


Takashi Ichikawa
Takashi Ichikawa
Applications Engineer
I have been with Zuken for nearly 20 years, starting with the Global Support team in Japan. In 2003 I moved to the US to work in the corporate office in Westford providing first-line support to our applications engineers in the field. When I’m not working, my wife and I enjoy playing with our young daughter and cat.
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